School Fundraiser Program

“The Seven Peaks Partnership Program has been an important source of funding to our schools for many years. It has helped improve the quality of education to our students, while giving families affordable fun in Utah.”

–Tim Eisenhart, Superintendent

Alpine Schoo

Thank you for participating in the Seven Peaks Partnership Program to help raise education funds for Utah elementary schools. Over the years, Seven Peaks has donated over half a million dollars to schools throughout Utah. We are committed to improving your child’s education experience by giving a percentage of proceeds to your school. Follow the instructions below to purchase your Pass Of All Passes and contribute to your school.



1). Find your child’s school district from the list below.

2). Click on the header to open the list of school discount codes within that district and locate your school’s discount code.

3). Click the “Purchase Pass Of All Passes” button at the bottom of this page.

4). Add Pass Of All Passes to the cart and adjust quantity as needed.

5). Use your school’s discount code to receive the discount and to ensure that the donation goes to your school.

Alpine School District

Alpine Elementary Code: ALPINE1

Alpine School District Foundation: FOUNDATION1

Aspen Elementary Code: ASPEN1

Barratt Elementary Code: BARRATT1

Blackridge Elementary Code: BLACKRIDGE1

Bonneville Elementary Code: BONNEVILLE1

Cascade Elementary Code: CASCADE1

Cedar Ridge Elementary Code: CEDARRIDGE1

Cedar Valley Elementary Code: CEDARVALLEY1

Central Elementary Code: CENTRAL1

Cherry Hill Elementary Code: CHERRYHILL1

Deer Field Elementary Code: DEERFIELD1

Dry Creek Elementary Code: DRYCREEK1

Eagle Crest Elementary Code: EAGLECREST1

Eagle Valley Elementary Code: EAGLEVALLEY1

Foothill Elementary Code: FOOTHILL1

Forbes Elementary Code: FORBES1

Fox Hollow Elementary Code: FOXHOLLOW1

Freedom Elementary Code: FREEDOM1

Geneva Elementary Code: GENEVA1

Greenwood Elementary Code: GREENWOOD1

Grove Crest Elementary Code: GROVECREST1

Harvest Elementary Code: HARVEST1

Hidden Hollow Elementary Code: HIDDENHOLLOW1

Highland Elementary Code: HIGHLAND1

Hillcrest Elementary Code: HILLCREST1

Legacy Elementary Code: LEGACY1

Lehi Elementary Code: LEHI1

Lindon Elementary Code: LINDON1

Manila Elementary Code: MANILA1

Meadow Elementary Code: MEADOW1

Mountain Trails Elementary Code: MOUNTAINTRAILS1

Mt Mahogany Elementary Code: MTMAHOGANY1

North Point Elementary Code: NORTHPOINT1

North Ridge Elementary Code: NORTHRIDGE1

Orem Elementary Code: OREM1

Pony Express Elementary Code: PONYEXPRESS1

Ridgeline Elementary Code: RIDGELINE1

River Rock Elementary Code: RIVERROCK1

Riverview Elementary Code: RIVERVIEW1

Rocky Mountain Elementary Code: ROCKYMOUNTAIN1

Sage Hills Elementary Code: SAGEHILLS1

Saratoga Shores Elementary Code: SARATOGASHORES1

Scera Park Elementary Code: SCERAPARK1

Sego Lily Elementary Code: SEGOLILY1

Sharon Elementary Code: SHARON1

Shelley Elementary Code: SHELLEY1

Snow Springs Elementary Code: SNOWSPRINGS1

Suncrest Elementary Code: SUNCREST1

Thunder Ridge Elementary Code: THUNDERRIDGE1

Traverse Mountain Elementary Code: TRAVERSEMTN1

Valley View Elementary Code: VALLEYVIEW1

Vineyard Elementary Code: VINEYARD1

Westfield Elementary Code: WESTFIELD1

Westmore Elementary Code: WESTMORE1

Windsor Elementary Code: WINDSOR1

Canyons School District

Alta View Elementary Code: ALTAVIEW7

Altara Elementary Code: ALTARA7

Bell View Elementary Code: BELLVIEW7

Brookwood Elementary Code: BROOKWOOD7

Bultler Elementary Code: BUTLER7

Canyon View Elementary Code: CANYONVIEW7

Copperview Elementary Code: COPPERVIEW7

Crescent Elementary Code: CRSESCENT7

Draper Elementary Code: DRAPER7

East Midvale Elementary Code: EASTMIDVALE7

East Sandy Elementary Code: EASTSANDY7

Edgemont Elementary Code: EDGEMONT7

Granite Elementary Code: GRANITE7

Lone Peak Elementary Code: LONEPEAK7

Midvale Elementary Code: MIDVALE7

Midvalley Elementary Code: MIDVALLEY7

Oak Hollow Elementary Code: OAKHOLLOW7

Oakdale Elementary Code: OAKDALE7

Park Lane Elementary Code: PARKLANE7

Peruvian Park Elementary Code: PERUVIANPARK7

Qual Hollow Elementary Code: QUAILHOLLOW7

Ridgecrest Elementary Code: RIDGECREST7

Sandy Elementary Code: SANDY7

Silver Mesa Elementary Code: SILVERMESA7

Sprucewood Elementary Code: SPRUCEWOOD7

Sunrise Elementary Code: SUNRISE7

Willow Canyon Elementary Code: WILLOWCANYON7

Willow Springs Elementary Code: WILLOWSPRINGS7






Davis School District

Codes here.

Nebo School District

Art City Elementary Code: ARTCITY2

Barnett Elementary Code: BARNETT2

Brockbank Elementary Code: BROCKBANK2

Brookside Elementary Code: BROOKSIDE2

Canyon Elementary Code: CANYON2

Cherry Creek Elementary Code: CHERRYCREEK2

East Meadows Elementary Code: EASTMEADOWS2

Foothills Elementary Code: FOOTHILLS2

Goshen Elementary Code: GOSHEN2

Hobble Creek Elementary Code: HOBBLECREEK2

Larsen Elementary Code: LARSEN2

Mapleton Elementary Code: MAPLETON2

Maple Ridge Elementary Code: MAPLERIDGE2

Mt Loafer Elementary Code: MTLOAFER2

Orchard Hills Elementary Code: ORCHARDHILLS2

Park Elementary Code: PARK2

Park View Elementary Code: PARKVIEW2

Rees Elementary Code: REES2

River View Elementary Code: RIVERVIEW2

Sage Creek Elementary Code: SAGECREEK2

Salem Elementary Code: SALEM2

Sierra Bonita Elementary Code: SIERRABONITA2

Spanish Oaks Elementary Code: SPANISHOAKS2

Spring Lake Elementary Code: SPRINGLAKE2

Taylor Elementary Code: TAYLOR2

Westside Elementary Code: WESTSIDE2

Wilson Elementary Code: WILSON2

Provo School District

Amelia Earhart Elementary Code: AMELIAEARHART3

Canyon Crest Elementary Code: CANYONCREST3

Edgemont Elementary Code: EDGEMONT3

Franklin Elementary Code: FRANKLIN3

Lakeview Elementary Code: LAKEVIEW3

Provost Elementary Code: PROVOST3R

Provo Peaks Elementary Code: PROVOPEAKS3R

Rock Canyon Elementary Code: ROCKCANYON3R

Spring Creek Elementary Code: SPRINGCREEK3R

Sunset View Elementary Code: SUNSETVIEW3R

Timpanogos Elementary Code: TIMPANOGOS3R

Wasatch Elementary Code: WASATCH3R

Westridge Elementary Code: WESTRIDGE3R




Charter and Private Schools

American Heritage School Code: AHS1

Renaissance Academy Code: RENACADEMY1

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