Attractions Overview

Are you ready for the steepest, fastest slide in the park? If so, Free Fall, the first of four Fears Tower slides, is the slide for you!

Not quite ready for Free Fall just yet? Try Skyline Breaker first! Skyline Breaker, the second of the Fears Tower slides, begins with a covered entrance and then descends seven stories for a fast, but gentler, finish.

If you want the hair-raising drop from Free Fall, as well as the bounces and bumps of Jagged Edge, Windy Falls is a great slide for you! Windy Falls is the third of the Fears Tower Slides.

Grab a mat and jump on Jagged Falls for the most dips of any Fears Tower slide! Jagged Falls is the fourth of the Fears Tower slides.

Take a ride on the extreme, half-pipe style Slingshot! Shoot down five stories of thrills and then slingshot back for a wild ride. For thrill-seekers only.

A gripping circular slide that will whirl you and your tube around at an incredible rate. Hold on tight!

The Dune Slides include the Sand Storm, Dune Racer, Sand Surfer, and Quicksand slides, each with its own unique curves and dips. Race your friends to the bottom!

A family favorite, Sandcastle Sliders, features a pool of 24 inch depth. This children’s area also has mushroom top fountains and three kiddy slides. It’s the perfect place for a summer splash!

This zero-depth entry pool is a great place for young children to play. It features an interactive jungle gym that sprays, pours, shoots, and slides water in all directions.  Sandbar Bay is the ideal place for a splashin’ good time.

Also known as the Wave Pool, Duneland Bay is an ocean far from the sea. The waves in the wave pool range from one to four feet in height! Enjoy the waves on a tube or body surf from the shore. It is 650,000 gallons of wavy fun in the sun!